The Name Beaufort

Admiral Francis Beaufort, the eponym of Beaufort Capital was born in 1774 in County Meath, Ireland. At the age of 13, he started his nautical career as a cabin boy in the British Navy. In 1805, Beaufort was given his first command, H.M.S. Woolwich, and assigned to conduct a hydrographic survey of the Rio de la Plata region of South America.

In 1806 he developed the first versions of his Wind Force Scale and Weather Notation coding. Originally, the Wind Force Scale consisted of 13 degrees of wind strength and was based upon the effects of various wind strengths upon the amount of canvas carried by the fully rigged frigates of the period. First, the Beaufort Wind Scale was only used for nautical purposes, until it was adopted in 1874 for the international use in meteorological telegram. Finally 1955 the US-Meteorological Office extended the scale to 17 values, as higher wind strengths were measured in hurricanes (117 - 220 km/h).

The name Beaufort therefore is a clear choice for a firm that intends to achieve what we intend:
  • Any Beaufort Skala reading means that the winds of commerce and change are in evidence; our intention is to harness these winds and not to be wrecked by Force 12: Financial Hurricanes.
  • As a Hamburg-based company, our relation to the wind and the sea is self-evident.
Beaufort Skala