Investment Process

Beaufort Capital takes its investments serious. Reliable and fast decisions are important within the SME sector. Therefore, our process involves close cooperation with the stakeholders and the company,- and is an opportunity to build the base for a lasting relationship.

The period between first contact and closing normally takes no more than three months.

After a first contact with the company, company data submitted to us will be analysed and if approved, a first meeting will be scheduled to meet with management.

In the next step a short pre- due diligence will be carried out by the Partners of Beaufort Capital, followed by a Letter of Intent (LOI) which is submitted to secure the first common understanding of the investment concept and pricing.

After the signing of the LOI, the due diligence phase starts: a detailed audit of the company by Beaufort Capital including advisers. Contractual negotations will take place in parallel. After Signing and Closing the investment is made within a short period of time.